Advisory Board

Our advisory board, with their consulting prowess, will only add to our promise of effective and timely solutions.
team member
Vikram Mehta

Vikram Mehta has over 20 years in finance, branding, reputation management and marketing communication in diverse cultural, geographical and corporate environments.

team member
Vasant Manwadkar

Vasant Manwadkar has over 27 years in international experience in managing large complex Information Systems for organisations across US, Japan, Middle East, etc.

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Sanjay Kanvinde

Sanjay Kanvinde has 25+ years experience in Cyber Security and IT. He has handled IT Operations globally for 100,000+ internal users across 80+ countries.

team member
Joel Divekar

Joel Divekar has over 26 years of experience in DevOps across FinTech, Infrastructure, Cyber Security and more. His key competencies include open source technology implementations and blockchain technology.